Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Changes in Golf Fashion

by George Miller, GCHD Staff Writer
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Throughout the history of golf we have seen the game change but while I was watching my swing in my office on the big screen I thought that the style of golf has certainly changed. Think about it, we have seen our style change from knickers to pants, cotton to dri-fit materials; plaid to solid colors, slim to loose fit, and it has all baffled us at some point to think, we wore that?- when it was in style.

I started really thinking about how the style of golf has changed when I watched the Hyundai Tournament of Champions recently and noticed how different Rickie Fowler looked. He was sporting Puma’s latest fashion push the High-Top golf shoe. While I chuckled at the look of these shoes I couldn’t help but wonder who would want these?

Oh, far be it from me to be a fashion snob, I know the girl’s and guy’s love Ricky, so if you want to get you some of his fashion, I found these PUMA Men's Super Cell Golf Shoe low top’s on Amazon and some similar to the Puma high-tops here fromAdidas camp, And look at these high top’s from Stuburt called the Stuburt Golf 2016 Cyclone Event Mid Cut.

But look at all the other pushes in golf we have seen and probably didn’t like the sight of - then they became the normal attire like the plaid or dri-fit material push. The golf shoe has changed as well from a dressy like shoe to more of an athletic shoe you see now, made for comfort and technology to improve your game.

That Ricky, he made the flat bill quite popular to where all the kids were buying those Puma hats and wearing them on the course. The shoe will be released in May and we will all start to see those fashion trendy people purchase them to stay with the times but I wonder about the ability for better support as well that it may provide.

Look at the one thing that has changed is the slit on the side of your golf pants, people either love them or they hate them and wish them to go away, in keeping with my links above, I thought I would give you some Ricky Fowler Puma Pants to look at if you like, but as for the shoes, well they could be the exact same thing as the slit. You will love them or hate them. But the main theory I am a believer in, is that if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you play better. Plus you always want to look good video analyzing your golf swing using our GolfCamHD app!


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