Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Smart Golf Bag, Physical + Digital

(Part 1 of 2)
By Patrick M. GCHD Staff Writer
PerfectView’s make Golf Bags, Smart!

In the age of smart technologies it would seem everything has to be smart to be on the market. Smart phones, watches, glasses, homes and cars, smart refrigerators, fabric, barbecue grills and lawn mowers.
It is true that everything is becoming or already is “Smart”, but what smart really means is the merging of digital with the physical and that is, well, everything. Smart Everything!

We at GCHD have decided that it was time for this advent in golf technologies. And so, we began our journey…

We started with the PerfectView™ and a mission to build the most stable platform for any smart phone or tablet. We were tired of shaky videos and cheaply made, bulky unstable phone holders that seemed to be on the market chasing each other to sell for a buck! Those things that were made for something other than what we needed, but marketed and sold as the greatest thing ever! Yeah, go ahead and put your $400 SmartPhone in it next to your Scotty Cameron™ putter, your Taylor Made M1™ driver, but I digress…

We went a different route creating something that will make you proud and keep your valuable device safe and secure, as well as be simple and well, smart. We build each PerfectView™ in the USA or sourced through US companies out of ultra light and space age materials, carbon fiber, machined aircraft aluminum and a laser sintering process used on Formula 1 cars today and the Space Shuttle when it was flying through the heavens. Laser Sintering is a process that is similar to 3d printing but done on a machine that costs over half a million bucks.

The vinyl wrapped flex arm that adorns the understated black space aged materials is specially made just for us. You can’t get it anywhere, and it feels so nice to the touch, you won’t want to stop, well, touching it - and it is strong. We say earthquakes might move it, but the truth is we haven’t been able to test that yet. Our earthquake ray gun is on the fritz.

The best way we have been able to explain the PerfectView™ is to liken it to one of those Maglight™ Matte Black flashlights you see at the counter of your local home improvement store. You see it; and it is so pretty, you have to touch it. It feels so nice in your hands, you want it. And you already have three flashlights at home. None of them are a Maglite™ and none will ever do what a Maglite™ can do, as well as it does it. A Maglite is there for you when you need it, when the lights go out unexpectedly or when a noise at night causes you some concern or when your daughter calls you at night stranded on the side of the road. A Maglite™ is there for you. Think of a PerfectView™ in the same way. It will exude quality from the moment you open the box. You will set it up and slip it in your bag. There it will be, waiting, and when you need it, at the range or your custom indoor practice room, anywhere you are ready to get better, on the course or in your garage during the cold days of winter or the dog days of summer. PerfectView ™ is so incredible, it never leaves your bag, once a golfer sets it up, and this takes only moments, they have everything they need to record video. Place a device in the mount; launch GolfCamHD™ with or without a Bluetooth head set, and BAM! You are ready to transform your game! It is easy. It is simple. And it truly does make your golf bag, well, smart. And this is only the beginning of building the first truly Smart Golf Bag.

Look for Part 2 of this discussion about the Smart Golf Bag because in part 2, we will focus on the digital side of the equation. You see, we could have stopped with the PerfectViewTM and pointed you to use someone else’s digital solution, and you of course are welcome to use our state of the art hardware in that way. But that wasn’t good enough for us. The other digital solutions were just, well, lacking. And if they are great in some areas, they are typically expensive, onerous, and needy and wanted us to, well, let them hit our credit cards time and time again. They wanted to tie us to a cloud, and required several clicks to simply record a swing. They thought we needed a bunch of tiny videos of pro’s swinging clubs with undeniably supple bodies and perfect form.

We didn’t, so we built what we call, “The Swiss Army Knives of Golf Apps” to start off the digital side of our Smart Golf Bag. Look for part two of “Smart Golf Bag, Physical + Digital” coming soon to a computer near you.

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