Monday, October 26, 2015

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There are some truly fabulous video capture tools available to golfers. You may already have one or more of them. Why use GolfCamHD™? Simple. GolfCamHD™ has everything you need and nothing you don't. We provide the highest level of function and ease of use at the lowest possible price.

GolfCamHDHudl TechniqueV1 SportsCoach's EyeZepp Golf
Hands Free Video Capture yes --- yes
Hands Free and\or Automatic Replay yes----
Hands Free Video Tagging yes---
Media Player Replay with Audio Track yes----
Range Mapping Capability yes----
High Definition Video Capture yes yes yes yes yes
Landscape Mode Support yes yes- yes-
One-Touch Slow Motion Replay yes yes yes yes-
Frame-By-Frame Replay yes yes yes yes yes
Line Drawing Tools yes yes yes yes yes
Additional Hardware Required for Full FunctionRequires
Bluetooth Headset
---Zepp Club
Telemetry Device
Headsets Not Supported

Registration Required- yes yes yes yes
Fully Functional MSRP$2499 App Only*

$4999 Headset Combo
Free For Individuals$499$1499$14999
*GolfCamHD is included with all PerfectView Device Mounts, and certain other product packages.

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