Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking and Reviewing Video

The taking and reviewing of video is paramount to the golfer that is striving to get better. We have already addressed the camera placement in Camera Alignment. So lets talk about the ins and outs of taking and reviewing your videos.

Of course you must take a video to review. Though that is a given when using a system of this nature. You can review your videos in two ways. First we will talk about doing this through the Capture Screen itself. 

Once the video is taken, if using the system manually, you can walk back to your bag and review the last swing. Simply stop the recording by touching the shutter button. Then, looking to the bottom left of your screen, you will see two square play buttons. The first icon will take you to the media player. This player will give you sound, for example the club connecting with the ball. The second icon will take you directly to the analytic viewer. 

If you are using the voice control option you can say play and the system will show you the last recorded video. This is nice for a quick look at what you are doing right, or doing wrong. Accessing the analytic viewer must be done manually. The function of the analytic viewer is detailed below in the last paragraph.

Now lets talk about reviewing your videos from the home screen. By touching the View button on the home screen it will take you into the gallery where all your videos are stored.

You then touch the video thumb nail of the video, or videos, you wish to see and hit select. You will see the video, or videos, in the order in which you selected them. If you wish to see the video in the analytic you can touch the hand and wrench icon in the top left of your screen.

Entering the analytic view you will see you have more options on the left side of your screen. The first, a file folder, will take you back to the  gallery. The second, the snail, will take you into the slow motion area of the system. The Third, a squiggly line, will take you to the drawing tools. The fourth, the oval, will loop your video. Giving you more time to watch and dissect your video. The fifth, the box, is for screen mirroring. This option is not available at this time. The sixth is for sharing your videos to your favorite social media.

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