Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Setting up the PerfectView

Excited as I was when I received my PrefectView, I made sure that I saved the box just in case I had to return the system. Then I began to set up my golf bag for capturing video. I followed the simple instructions and was ready for the golf range in just a matter of minutes.

I put the PrefectView monopod base into my bag,  slid the 3D Printed Bag Adapter down until it made good contact with the bag's outer rim, and then tightened the set ring to hold it all in place.      With everything ready, it was time to hit the golf range and see what I could do with my new system. I was not entirely ready for what I was going to see on that first and fateful day.

After purchasing my bucket of balls I walked down to the range, pondering how I was going to make all this work for me. I set my stand bag down and began the process of putting the rest of the PrefectView together. Here, I was surprised how easy it was.GCHD Flexarm I took the flex arm out of my bag's side pocket  screwed it on to the base of the PrefectView.


I then placed the Giottos ball mount on the flex arm and then, not having a tablet a the time, I married the iStabilizer smart phone mount to that by screwing it on as well. “Alright,” I thought, “lets fire this baby up!”

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