Thursday, October 29, 2015

Practicing with GolfCamHD and the PerfectView

Using GolfCamHD™ and a PerfectView™ device mount at the range is simple and easy. Both have been developed and engineered to make it easy to get the camera and you in the right position to capture video - video that you can use to gain more confidence and improve your golf game.
We have found that when standing in the field of view of the camera of a down the line shot, you should see the target between you and your hands. That way during a review of the video you can see your body movement, that target and your swing all at the same time.
We have covered in another post how to setup your bag with the PerfectView™ device mount, see “Setting up the PerfectView” if you missed it or want to review it again. But for this subject we wanted to cover practicing with the GolfCamHD™ App while using the PerfectView™ device mount.

The App and Hardware has been engineered and developed so that using it is very simple and straightforward. Once you are set up and have everything ready you simply start your session and record your swing. If you are doing this manually you can review the manual operation post titled “Manual Operation of Capture Screen”. Just follow those steps and you will be off and running. But really, you can simply touch record to start and touch record again to stop. Look at other features and see what you can do. GolfCamHD™ was designed by golfers, for golfers.

If you are utilizing voice control you can find all that information on the “Voice Control of Capture screen” post in the Help section. You could just connect your Bluetooth headset to your phone using your phones settings, open GolfCamHD™, and use the commands to see what will happen. Say things like, “Start”, Rate the video using a scale from “1” to “5”, “Play”, “Grid”, “Change Club”, “Change Timer” to “short”, “medium”, “long”, “What is my battery power”, “What time is it”. See the post “Commands” in Help for a comprehensive list. When new commands are added, we will update that list. Have fun with it.
Give the device time to be ready to be in listen mode before you answer questions the app asks you. But, what is it like to practice with the system as a whole?
Utilizing Voice Control Operation you will never have to leave the area of the practice tee since a voice command is all it takes to change clubs and timer. The only time you will need to leave the area of the practice tee is to quickly review your swing on the last video taken.

The ease of use will reduce the amount of time spent on the range. Taking what might take two hours down to an hour and a half. You will move faster through your routine. You will be able to make real time changes to things like your stance and swing. Giving you the ability to gain more confidence and improve more rapidly. With everything the GolfCamHD™ and PerfectView™ provides, like me, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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