Wednesday, September 9, 2015


All you need is Commitment and a Smarter Golf Bag

GolfCamHD motion analyis software and PerfectView device mounts transform your golf bag into a mobile practice system that can capture your golf swing anywhere, anytime-from the range to the course. We're talking state-of-the-art, professional level performance at a fraction of the cost.

GolfCamHD is the Swiss Army Knife of video capture and motion analysis applications. Designed and engineered by golfers for golfers, our video capture system has all the stuff you need and none of the stuff you don'tIt's even got voice control. Just mount your mobile device on your PerfectView™ or other device mount, line the camera up, and go to work. GolfCamHD™ will wait patiently while you practice until you give the command to capture a swing. 

PerfectView device mounts go in your bag like a 15th club, so you have a totally versatile, totally portable video capture system right there on your bag . And all PerfectView™ packages include iStabilizer mounts for your phone AND your tablet PLUS our simple to use voice controlled GolfCamHD™ video capture software.

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Smart Golf Bag 1.0
State of the Art Software
• High Definition Video Swing Capture
• Bluetooth Voice Control
• Slow-Motion Replay
• Frame-By-Frame Replay
• Motion Analysis Tools
• Satellite Map-based Range Map
• Store Data In Your Own Cloud
• No Annual Commitments
• Ad Free

Professional Quality Hardware
• Use Your Phone, Tablet or Mini-Tablet
• Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Construction
• Heavy-Duty Vinyl-Covered Flex Arm
• Best of Breed Device Mounts
• Professional Quality Adjustment Head
• 3D Laser-Sintered Bag Adapter
• Counter-Balanced for Zero Vibration
• Designed For Walking or Riding
• Optional Telescoping Capability

Build Your Foundation To Confidence.and
 Get Out There.

*GolfCamHD is included with all PerfectView Device Mounts, and certain other product packages.

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